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More than 600 European breeders have chosen Gibovendée and trust us. Why not you ?

An organization owned by the breeders

Approximately thirty associated and partner breeders
2 selection sites approved by the SYSAAF
High performance breeding sites

Hatcheries in France and abroad

4 hatcheries in France
2 hatcheries in England
1 hatchery in Spain
1 partner hatchery in Hungary

France : Chanverrie | Thouars | Angers | Bourg-en-Bresse

England : Cambridgeshire | Suffolk

Spain : Girona

Hungary : Szarvas

A breeding stock spread over several geographical areas in France and abroad in order to minimise any sanitary risk.

Des couvoirs internationaux

Our fleet of modern vehicles

Provide ideal transport conditions that meet the animal welfare requirements.
Allow the controlling and recording of the environment during transport.
Ensure deliveries are made in the shortest possible time, enabling personalised follow-up with our customers.

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GIBOVENDÉE – Z.A. La Barboire


+33 251 91 52 54