Our advantages

Sélection par la génomie


in partnership with SYSAAF

The work carried out on the lineage of our birds allows us to :

Guarantee the genetic quality of our birds.
Maintain an optimal level of performance.
Ensure the hardiness of our birds

Our team of breeders work in-house on our selected lines in strict compliance with health regulations.

Furthermore, for several years now, our group has been modernising its selection practices with genomics.

Unités d'accouvage


Hatchery units are located as close as possible to our customers :

4 hatcheries in France : 3 in the west and 1 in the east of France, all of which
supply our French and European customers.
2 hatcheries in England which supply our customers in the UK and Ireland.
1 hatchery in Spain supplying our Spanish and Portuguese customers.
1 hatchery in Hungary supplying our customers in eastern Europe.

All our hatcheries in France and abroad are equipped with modern and efficient machinery. The traceability of our eggs and chicks is ensured from the farm to our customers’ premises.

Our fleet of modern vehicles

Provide ideal transport conditions that meet the animal welfare requirements.
Allow the controlling and recording of the environment during transport.
Ensure deliveries are made in the shortest possible time, enabling personalised follow-up with our customers.
Elevages Gibovendée


We have approximately thirty breeders equipped with :

Game rearing buildings that comply with biosafety standards.
Large areas of grassed and cultivated aviaries.

Ensuring optimal breeding conditions for our birds at all times in order to promote their well-being and growth. This allows us to market quality birds at different stages of their life depending on the demands of our customers.

Recherche et développement Gibovendée

Research and development

Aware of the evolution of the market and the well-being of our birds, we actively participate in projects such as :

GIBADAPT : optimising the behaviour of our birds in their natural state.
RUFASSIGN : parental assignment in partridges.
FAISSIGN : parental assignment in pheasants.

Ethological work began in 2021 confirming our desire to know our birds better.

Our red leg partridges flocks are ARC20 certified.

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