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Choosing Gibovendée

means having peace of mind


More than 600  European rearers

selected us and trust us,

why not you ?


A juridical structure owned

• More than 25 rearers who are partners

• Recent and competitive farms where technical and health workmanship

   are daily considerations

Modern and recent hatcheries

• 2 hatcheries (agreed by SNA) in Western France and 1 hatchery near

   Bourg-en-Bresse in Eastern France

• A total capacity of more than 2 millions hatching eggs

A stock of diversified rearing birds

300,000 rearing birds to offer you:

• 9 types of pheasants with different and complementary phenotypic

  and behavioural characteristics

• 1 type of French RED-LEGGED partridge, ALECTORIS RUFA ANTAGENA

  (said pure Red-Leg)

• 1 type of GREY partridge of French origin.

A multiple vehicles fleet, varied and adapted to each situation

• For deliveries in optimal conditions (controlled temperature and humidity,

  throwaway packing, temperature recording and remote control)

Production in figures

• About 20 millions hatching eggs produced each year

• 1,000,000 birds raised

• About 200 ha of laying pens, divided amongst all our rearers

A team of sales and logistics professionals at your service

• More than 600 rearing customers regularly provided

• 500 commercial shoots which are customers

• Deliveries all over Europe each week

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