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mastered for more than 20 years


The key for

your success


From 1980 onwards, we had the

problem of finding quality stock rearing birds.

In 1985, we decided to build up our own stocks of parent

breeds and to manage them ourselves.

Since 1990, thanks to our selection system, we constantly manage the

monitoring, the control and the improvement of the genetic quality of all our birds.

This work has been allowing us, for more than 20 years, to put quality birds on the

market, birds of which we perfectly know :

• the genetic characteristics,

• the reproduction and growth abilities,

• the strength to survive in a natural environment,

• the behaviour,

and we constantly improve health control.

Therefore we are in a position to answer all your specific requests for crossbreeding.

We are able to adapt ourselves to your demands without putting in danger the

technical and health gains acquired over time.

At Gibovendée,

there is no room for chance !

We are the Leading Game Bird Producers

in France and in Europe,

we collaborate WITH YOU and work FOR YOU

to produce your game birds for tomorrow!


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